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Our Vision

To reach the unchurched with the gospel of Christ and to provide dynamic true worship that will cause the power of God to save, heal, deliver and set free.


Know Us More

In November of 2014, the Lord Blessed me in receiving my Minister license and ordaining me to preach his word throughout my church organization and to the world. Although the charge for me to spread the good news was a lot earlier, I was then ordained by the Gulf Coast Jurisdiction Bishop, Charles D Smith. In 2015 The Lord was directing me to build an altar in the Holiday, Fl area. By divine instruction He led me to begin a bible study called Walk in the light Bible Study and along with First Lady Kim Mastin. We began our ministry journey saying yes to God’s will…  From the four corners of my home, we started asking friends, family, strangers to come and hear what thus said the Lord... We were so excited and so zealous in being able to preach God’s word in the church and in the bible study and wherever He led us. We would preach, pray, sing or just be in the midst of supporting other churches in building up the Kingdom of God.

In July 2016, the Lord Blessed us in moving from our home to moving into the Ball room at the Fairfield inn and Suites in Holiday, Fl.  At this point we would preach to anyone who would come in and hear the word of God. Many thanks to my Sister from TX who would come through town on her way to support relief for hurricane victims… My Brother and Sister from the northeastern region who stopped in wanting to hear from the Lord and received a mighty Blessing … The Spirit of God truly moved for that couple.   We never knew who was going to show up at times that he did, but the love of God in us prepared us for anything that we were going to endure. We learned to be in season and out of season.

In July 2017, the most traumatic time that the church organization has ever gone through where it seemed that the God who I loved and honored had taken His hands off our church so we could see the true light of some things hidden in the dark. While Bishops, Elders, Pastors, Minsters and other people who were for years our brothers and sisters were now making a great exodus due to hidden actions of some. While all of this turmoil and chaos was happening, while I was sitting in the miracle service and the small voice called me to begin the church. Now just a side bar… I was saying no Lord not now … But He was saying Yes… Now… I asked my beautiful wife were we ready … she said No…. but the Lord keep saying Yes… I asked the Lord that night if he would be with me if I did what He asked. He assured me right there that He would never forsake me and live me alone but will always be there through the ups and downs… I gave my God my answer… I said Yes to His Will…

In July 2017, the Lord gave me the name of the New Altar that He wanted… Holy of Holies Tabernacle. In the midst of the storm, the Lord is calling for his people to Enter into the Holy of Holies … its time for the true worshippers … In this church you will be taught the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus stated that he came to preach to the poor, he was sent to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recover sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who were oppressed. We must Enter In so we will be able to receive His Blessing and the promise of eternal Life.

Let Us Enter In for the celebration of a life of Christ and all that is in store for us to have.  We will encourage each other and open up the true purpose in which God is showing us that we must have a Spiritual Usefulness in our lives.

Know Us More



Our Mission

To go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost that they might have eternal life. (Mark 16:15; Mat 28:19; John 3:15)

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